Who We Are

Junior stars youth development programme (JSYDP) started out as a self-help group called Junior Stars Football School. The purpose was to bring young boys back to the playing grounds after the post-election violence.  Later the self-help group rebranded as JSYDP and added mentorship to its key tool. With the new Kenyan devolution, the organization has again rebranded as   a community based organization (CBO) called Junior Stars Youth Development programme

Junior Stars Youth Development Programme has for the last nine years been at the forefront of promoting youth football and mentorship within the coastal region of Kenya, as a means to utilize their passion and time more productively. The youth programme, which kicked off on the 7th April 2008 at Aga Khan Grounds continues to interact with over 60,000 youth through its various programmes. Our programmes include; Watoto Africa  Soccer Awards, Soccer Divas Club, Mentorship Programmes and Junior Stars Football Academy.

The organization was founded by Mariam Mpaata after her son broke a wind screen of her neighbors Mercedes Benz. The story is told that she had been a housewife for seven years when this happened. She embarked on finding her son a football programme but after a failed attempt she set about opening one. The post-election delayed her dream for a few months after which she saw an opportunity to open the center as part of the reconciliation process. The programme kicked off with 15 boys from diverse cultures, 5 balls, a coach, a team manager and herself as the cheerleader.  To date she encourages other to exercise diversity in every programme initiated.  





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“To develop a "smart, strong, self-confident and empowered youth".


“To become a Leading Youth Soccer and Welfare Program in Africa”



  • To break social barriers brought caused by economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • To nurture talent, instill discipline and preach tolerance among the youth irrespective of their social, economic and religious affiliations.
  • Create forums where the youth can express themselves, interact and develop meaningful partnerships.
  • To offer professional and fun soccer activities for youth from 4years to 18years.
  • To offer educational support to challenged footballers.
  • To empower youth with information pertaining social issues that affect their wellbeing, such sex education, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, alcoholism, criminality, extremism
  • To use employability and entrepreneurship among the youth in contact with Junior Stars.
  • To increase participation of youth in leadership, governance and development process.